Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Can Throw an Axe?

Anyone can throw an axe! From lumberjacks, to grandmas, all skill levels can come throw. We have different axe sizes to work with!

How old do you have to be to throw?

We have a general rule of 13 years old. However, if you are comfortable signing for your child and think they can throw a 3-8 pound axe, then bring them down!

What are the minimum and maximum group sizes for events?

For a main event, you will need at least 6 people to reserve it, and up to 16 to cap it. For the VIP party, minimum 8, maximum 25.

What do I wear?

We require you to wear close toed shoes! We recommend you were comfortable clothing, A shirt that allows your arms a full range of motion will help a ton! Oh, and a kick-axe attitude.

What if my group is smaller than 6 people? Do you have options?

Yes we do! We offer walk in lanes available for 1 hour sessions on Wednesdays,Thursdays, Fridays, 5pm-10pm and Saturday 2pm-10pm

What is the difference between booking a Main Event or a Private Party?

Main event: You need a minimum of 6 people to book a main event. You will have an arena reserved for your party.
The event is not in a private room and may include other guests in the adjacent arenas. You are not allowed to bring in
any food or alcohol.
The price is set at $30 per person and only available to book during normal business hours. See calendar for Main Event
available times
Private Party: 2.5 hour reservation in a private VIP room based on the following packages
• Package A: 8-12 ppl = $350
• Package B: 13-18 ppl = $475
• Package C: 19-24 ppl = $600
• Parties over 24 people will require a quote
• Special event pricing available for high school dance dates
*private parties may bring food and alcohol for their group only

**Private parties are not restricted to normal business hours and can book any day or time during the week based on
We schedule specific staff to host the different events. Please be mindful of your reservation start and end time as we
will not be able to extend your party time. Cost of main event or private party does not include gratuity for your coach.
Please show them your appreciation

What if I book a main event or private party but some of my guests don’t show up?

Main event: your party will be charged for the minimum of 6 guests even if only 4 people show up

PRIVATE PARTY : You must select a package at the time of booking your party. If you select package B for 13-18
people and only 12 people show up, you are still charged the full package B price. If you book package B and
19 people show up, you will be bumped up to package C and charged the full amount. If you go over the max
for package C, you will have a per person charge in addition to the package price

How do I reserve a party?

Main Event: you can book directly on the website for your desired date or contact the store
Private Party: Please contact the store location you would like for your party. We don’t book private parties on line.
Please verify which store you would like to reserve for your event

What is the minimum number of people I need to reserve a party?

Main event: 6 people
Private party: 8 people
*you can bring less than the minimum but will be charged the full amount to meet the minimum required

How many people can I bring?

We can accommodate up to 50 people in Ogden
We can accommodate up to 200 people in Salt Lake

What if people want to come but don’t want to throw axes?

Everyone that attends your event will be charged the full amount even if they do not want to throw axes

Is there any money due upfront?

Main event: $60 non- refundable deposit
Private party: $60 non- refundable deposit
The deposit is applied to the cost of your party the day of the event. If the minimum is not met, the deposit is applied to
the difference plus the remaining balance is due from the party.
*Deposits are non refundable and non transferrable

How do we pay for the deposit?

You can have a secure credit card link emailed to you, pay in the store, or call in your credit card info

How will the participants pay?

We recommend everyone in your party pay the host up front and then the host will pay Social Axe. This helps ensure
you have the correct number of people attend your event. However, everyone can pay individually when they arrive.

What if I need to cancel/reschedule my party?

All deposits are non- refundable and non transferrable. You may reserve a new date with a new deposit
▪ Cancellation or rescheduling policy:
o You may reschedule your event by contacting Social Axe Throwing or
801-395-2937 Ogden/ 801-486-2937 Salt Lake City.
o You may reschedule once with the same deposit if 7 days advance notice is given. Any additional
rescheduling requests will require a new deposit
o If you reschedule your event you will receive a new confirmation email. We may not be able to
accommodate late requests for a date change

Can I bring in my own food?

You can only bring in food for a private party. You are not allowed to bring in soda or water. Social Axe offers a variety
of food and beverage items for sale.

Can I bring in my own beer?

Yes, but only if you have booked a private party in one of our VIP arenas. We only allow beer in a can. Anyone
consuming alcohol must be 21 and show proper ID when they arrive

Is there time for my party to eat and socialize?

Yes, you will have time during your events to socialize and eat

Other Info

▪ Please arrive 10 minutes early for your event to prepare for your class.
▪ Please Note that Gratuity is not included for the coach. Please show them your appreciation.
▪ Groupon and other discount passes are not valid for private events, unless specified
▪ Please let us know if your group is celebrating a special event
You will receive a confirmation email providing information for you and your guests.